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Your Beach, Your Style.

Rio Brasil Beachwear

Why you would buy a Sarong


use your imagination
create your own style
show the best on you

Rio Brasil Beachwear

We are a Brazilian company from Rio de Janeiro and we are based in Long Island - New York.

Our activities began 1 year ago and by now we are only selling online but we havea plans to have our physical store in the future.

Our mission is to bring good quality products for a reasonable price.

We want to make you create the habit of using the wrap (sarong) at the beach as a piece of cloth (it can be a dress, or a skirt, etc.) and as a towel to lay down and get tanned.

We want to make you feel in Brazil without traveling to there. And to make you wear beachwear like we do. In a way that you can have beautiful tan lines and feel comfortable and pretty at the same time. 

We want to our clients to pay less for the best.

We want to improve your capacity to love yourself and make you happier when wearing our beachwear in a way that you will feel more beautiful and confident.

Welcome to our beach!

Feel pretty. Feel great!

Rio Brasil Beachwear

Your beach. Your style.

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