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Rio Brasil Beachwear

Welcome To Our Beach 

Why you would buy a Sarong

We have a surprise for you at the end of this slides

Temos uma surpresa pra você no final desses slides

if you buy 2 items and more

Se você comprar a partir de 2 ítens

You will get a discount

Você vai ganhar um desconto

Use the coupon code larifan to get 10%off on the total of the purchase

Use o código larifan no cupom e ganhará 10% off no valor total da compra

Rio Brasil Beachwear

We are a Brazilian company from Rio de Janeiro and we are based in Long Island - New York.

Our mission is to bring good quality products for everybody that loves Brazilian beachwear.

We want to you to create the habit of using the wrap (sarong) at the beach as we do in Brazil: the wraps are like a piece of cloth (it can be a dress, or a skirt, for ex.), or a towel to lay down and relax, or even as a blanket to protect us from the wind at the beach. 

If you're creative and like to have them in the wall, that's a great idea too!

Welcome to our beach!

Rio Brasil Beachwear

Your Brazilian beach style.